Shorties… a few years later.

I’ve been in a love affair with this family for a few years now. Emma was real small the first time I photographed her. Then Owen was even smaller the second time I photographed them. Now Emma is 6 and Owen is 2 and we’re back at Mack’s apple orchard where it all began.

Wanna know what I love so much about this shoot… you do. Sarah asked me to meet up with them for pictures at the orchard and warned me that Owen was a little camera shy (aka he hates any and all cameras).  So instead of forcing awkward photos I followed them around while they picked apples and documented a super fun family day. By the end of the day I’m in the back seat in between car seats snap chatting the kids as if I’m actually the big sister and eating more apples than a super humans GI track can handle.  Isn’t that more fun? If I had a small family full of small humans it’s exactly the kind of pictures Id want all over my walls. My kids acting like kids. My family laughing cause it’s what we do. My other half straight up diving into the ground to cause a family pig pile. These are the times you want to remember. These are the moments you want to freeze.

Thank you Sarah and Steven and Emma and Owen. (again). love you all.


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Baby Will… and then a little less Baby, but still Will.

Will wasn’t born yesterday. or last week. But I did photograph him in those first couple weeks. You wouldn’t know it because I’m worlds worst blogger. I decided after photographing him again at 7 months (which was about 2 months ago) that Id introduce him to my social media world. You see Will is one of those babies that you want to actually smush because you dont know what else to do with his cuteness. His parents are ridiculously good looking, so it’s not a huuuuuge shocker… yet sometimes I am actually shocked with my urge to steal a baby. Fast forward 7 months and he sits there with a huge smile on his face and claps his hands and laughs and has the biggest blue eyes this world has ever witnessed. See for yourself.

Will as a baby. And then Will as a baby 7 months later.


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Baby G. In utero.

My sister Krissy has always been pretty. Trust me… I’m her younger sister, I grew up in that shadow. I’ve seen her in all of her bad days and they probably look like a regular persons good day. I’ve seen this broad dressed up for holidays and proms and glamour shots (yup) and her wedding… and I can honestly say I have never seen her look as good as she does right now. There’s something to be said for happiness when it is surrounding you and everything you encounter. We all know Josh is a male model so the two of them together is almost too pretty to be true. I wonder if their kid will be cute? That’s a joke.
Krissy and Josh gave me the honor of being this lil man’s god mother.  Another godson?!  All the Godsons:):)  I have to wait another 4 weeks to meet him, but I’m already head over heels in love. Come out when you’re ready lil man. We can’t wait to meet you. Love all of you. xo.


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Quinn and Jackson.

So I have this family crush. It’s either because we’re from a small town and I know all of the siblings, or because all of the siblings have now hired me to photograph their family, or maybe because they’re all super nice and good looking. Or maybe it’s all of the above. Whatever the reason… here’s another look at my beloved McGoverns…. or Ferriolas. I was in good old Dunstable for the shoot, so we’re gonna call you a McGovern for now. Annnnyway, these guys just moved home from Texas and wanted some pics of small Quinn as she grows up. She’s 4 months old now and perfect in every way I can see. Her older brother is Jackson. I’m trying to find a way to date Jackson without being the biggest creep. He’s three. I’m psyched that I get to see these guys again soon… they’re so easy to photograph it just feels like I’m playing.


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Favorites. All the favorites.

I don’t like to say the word favorite even though I openly admit to having them. The cool thing about this whole Cyndi Lu gig is that I only photograph favorites. If I photographed you it means you’re either related to me, or you’re one of my close friends, or you’re a friend of a friend in which case we’re practically dating. I mean, right?

2014 was kindddddd of a crazy year. A year chock full of growth and change and happiness and heartache and a whole lot more. Hitched Studios was bat shit crazy, and I photographed every weekend from July to November. except maybe September 6th. I think I had that one off. There’s a lot of pretty people in love on the hitched blog. You should check them out Photographing weddings has got to be one of the best jobs in all the land. I literally get to document the absolute best day of someones life… and dance. Thanks universe, for that gift.  At the peak of wedding season I teamed up with a bud and opened up a PT practice inside my beloved crossfit gym which has been a huge eyeopening experience. Thankfully I was right next to a couple of life long best friends in the process. I’ll leave you with that website, and in the chance that you’re in the Norwood area and need a PT, you can come find me. oh… and our website isn’t built yet. psychhhhh. I got a new nephew this year and for some reason J and K trusted me to become his god mother. He’s highly featured on any form of social media in which you already follow me on. You’ll see him paired with my mini me. Connor and Alexa have given me more than they’ll ever realize this year. Thankfully I get another lil man coming in a couple months. Cioci Cyndi’s heart might just explode.

With a couple of other things going on this year, blogging my Cyndi Lu photoshoots hasn’t been on the priority list. Sorry favorites. There are plenty of things that I would love to some day celebrate about this past year, but in the mean time let’s just open 2015 with open arms and look at some cute babies of 2014.

Thank you to all my family and friends and loves. for everything.

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f a c e b o o k