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Alexa. 4 months.

Oh look… Alexa’s even cuter. Tell me I’m biased. I couldn’t care less. Alexa is a small, but not that small, little, bald, blue eyed, female Jonathan. It’s actually strange. She’s a lil more than 4 months now which means she giggles and tells stories in full baby lingo and sits up for 2 seconds […]

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Nicholas and Stella. 2 weeks new.

Ive been thinking real hard for the last 2 hours, and by that I mean 5 minutes, about how much I love twins. I truly cannot think of a pair that I didn’t like. If I’m forgetting about that pair of ass holes from high school or something, please don’t remind me.. I’m way more […]

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little Hannah Brown.

How do I even begin. Ill start with Hannah Brown is cute. real real cute. You might remember Matt and Jess from their maternity session right here. You also might remember that Matt is kinda sorta an older brother to me, and Jesslyn is my SIL’s best friend. Sooo, by some stretch of the genetic […]

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Elyse and Chris. Middle school sweethearts.

Elyse and Chris met when they were like 3. I actually have no idea when it all started, but I do know they are 27ish years old and have been together for a century. got it? Wouldn’t it be super awks to have a picture of you and your homecoming date in high school and […]

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Boo and Jess. knocked up

Matt is essentially my second older brother, so the fact that I am referring to him now as Boo is slightly disturbing. cares. There are very few childhood memories that don’t include Matt as he was my brothers best friend. He attended borderline every vacation with us, he might have spent holidays with us, and […]

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