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The Hoole Family.

So I’ve been hearing about this morsel by the name of Carsyn for the past 10 months or so. It’s about damn time I got to meet her. Jared and Alisyn are friends of friends or siblings or college roommates or co-workers or maybe a few of those connections. I blame it on small towns […]

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Jen B and her Fam.

I’m extremely fortunate to be able to work out in the morning during MILF hour. ya.. I said it. The 9 am class is a bunch of broads that all have like 7 kids and a six pack. It’s pretty damn inspiring. Jen B is one of those chicks. or she was. not because she’s […]

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Hannah Brown. one whole year.

If you don’t know Hannah yet, welcome to my blog. You must be new here. Hannah is kinda a niece to me. I mean she’s not but I have Christmas with her family. that counts more than blood in some books. She’s a whole year old as of last week so obvvvvvviously it’s time for […]

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Beth. Jim. Jack.

Jack is not a small small child. I mean he’s small..  but he’s pretty much ready to play football next week. He’ll be crushing kids in the 10 month old league. He has the biggest brown gorgeous eyes everrrrrr and just smiles and claps and plays and stares at me. I thought I fell into […]

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Maura and Ella. year 2.

I was beyondddddd psyched when Maura contacted me to take Ella’s pics again this year. I met these two loves last year and I guess she liked me 😉 Maura is everything I hope to be in a mom and person when I’m her age. She’s such a cool mom I don’t even get it. […]

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