Shorties… a few years later.

I’ve been in a love affair with this family for a few years now. Emma was real small the first time I photographed her. Then Owen was even smaller the second time I photographed them. Now Emma is 6 and Owen is 2 and we’re back at Mack’s apple orchard where it all began.

Wanna know what I love so much about this shoot… you do. Sarah asked me to meet up with them for pictures at the orchard and warned me that Owen was a little camera shy (aka he hates any and all cameras).  So instead of forcing awkward photos I followed them around while they picked apples and documented a super fun family day. By the end of the day I’m in the back seat in between car seats snap chatting the kids as if I’m actually the big sister and eating more apples than a super humans GI track can handle.  Isn’t that more fun? If I had a small family full of small humans it’s exactly the kind of pictures Id want all over my walls. My kids acting like kids. My family laughing cause it’s what we do. My other half straight up diving into the ground to cause a family pig pile. These are the times you want to remember. These are the moments you want to freeze.

Thank you Sarah and Steven and Emma and Owen. (again). love you all.


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