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Baby Will… and then a little less Baby, but still Will.

Will wasn’t born yesterday. or last week. But I did photograph him in those first couple weeks. You wouldn’t know it because I’m worlds worst blogger. I decided after photographing him again at 7 months (which was about 2 months ago) that Id introduce him to my social media world. You see Will is one […]

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Favorites. All the favorites.

I don’t like to say the word favorite even though I openly admit to having them. The cool thing about this whole Cyndi Lu gig is that I only photograph favorites. If I photographed you it means you’re either related to me, or you’re one of my close friends, or you’re a friend of a […]

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There’s some really cute things happening in NH right now. Let’s start with Sarah and Steven. They’re well… good looking. They’re also funny and make fun of each other and sing songs and then make fun of each other some more. They’re my people. I love photographing my people. Then there’s Emma. Last time I […]

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The Sanders Family.

So I graduated PT school in August of 2010, Garrett was one of my buds. When we graduated, Garrett and I were both engaged to be married. Since then we have both married…. Garrett, however, has been promoted like 1000 times at his job, has had 7 new cars, bought a huge ass house, and […]

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Baby man Brody.

I’ve known Cynthia for a few years through siblings and roommates and drunk nights in the city when we used to go to places like the sanctuary. Was I even 21? There’s been several times that Ive made a half assed attempt at becoming Cynthia rather than Cyndi and people always tell me I dont […]

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