Hannah Brown. one whole year.

If you don’t know Hannah yet, welcome to my blog. You must be new here. Hannah is kinda a niece to me. I mean she’s not but I have Christmas with her family. that counts more than blood in some books. She’s a whole year old as of last week so obvvvvvviously it’s time for pictures. Hannah is actually one of the cutest small children to exist. I don’t know if you knew that. Lucky me I don’t just get to photograph her, but I get to be a part of this mini’s life. The Browns are favorites. sorry i’m not sorry. Matt, Jess, Hannah, and Charlie thank you sooooooo much. love you guys to death. but you already knew that.

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Beth. Jim. Jack.

Jack is not a small small child. I mean he’s small..ย  but he’s pretty much ready to play football next week. He’ll be crushing kids in the 10 month old league. He has the biggest brown gorgeous eyes everrrrrr and just smiles and claps and plays and stares at me. I thought I fell into baby heaven. Not to mention his parents who are sweet and good looking and just awesome. We shot at their condo in Beacon Hill that I think I would literally die to own, and then walked a few blocks to their yard in the commons. It was pretty much a perfect power shoot. naked baby… pics at home… pics in the city… pics in a park. perfect family. perfect day. thank youuu!

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Maura and Ella. year 2.

I was beyondddddd psyched when Maura contacted me to take Ella’s pics again this year. I met these two loves last year and I guess she liked me ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maura is everything I hope to be in a mom and person when I’m her age. She’s such a cool mom I don’t even get it. We just talked for an hour while Ella ran around, threw leaves, and did cart wheels. I guess you can call that work… ? Here’s some favorites from that fun lil afternoon.

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The Dizzle Family.

Jarrod loves when I don’t update my Craic blog with my workouts so instead I’m blogging all about him and his sweet fam. Jarrod is my crossfit coach. He makes me do ridiculous things and is fairly responsible for me being covered in bruises and almost always in pain. And I pay him for it….. what the shit? Lucky for me, right as I was about to call him cruel and unusual I got to see him with his kids. awwww.

This is the Davis family. Jarrod and Kayla, three year old Leif, and Odin… he’s new. I kiiiiiinda like these guys. And by that I mean I was drinking with them until 4 am the night before the shoot. No, not Leif and Odin. Lucky for me they’re a really really good looking, chill, funny, rad family. If I somehow messed this shoot up I should just quit this gig. Hangover or not, I’m extremely proud of these pics. They’re exactly the kind of pics I try to take of every family. Kids are kids. Babies drool. Parents love each other, their kids, their lives, and their hangovers. Jarrod and Kayla are extremely laid back, nice, and cool people. In fact it’s almost annoying. I hate when people are cooler than I am. It’s no surprise their kids are so rad. Id hang out with Leif on the regular, and I actually want to eat Odin for a snack. It’s not even close to normal.

I could go on all night about these guys but 1. I have to blog about failing squat cleans, and 2. the pictures are way better than this shit ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Jessica, Kevin, and Kyle.

It’s so refreshing to meet a super young couple that make for awesome parents. Jessica and Kevin are just that. They’re high school sweethaaaahts and have a three year old mini man named Kyle. Kyle is… to date… the easiest kid I’ve ever photographed. At one point his face was half in the shade and I asked him to scoot back and he did until he was perfectly balanced. A three year old moved 3 inches so I could have a perfect picture. what? I can’t even believe I asked him and then he did it and I almost peed myself. Man I love that kid. Jessica and Kevin are sweet and calm and nice and in love.. it’s no wonder their kid is a rock star. I was photographing Kyle and kept catching glimpses of them havin’ a cuddle fest off camera. Made me feel oh so cozy on the inside. I wish you guys allllll the best in this crazy thing we call life. Thank you so so much. xo.


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