The Raino… TWINS!

Ask me what the cutest names for small girls are. It’s Madison and Reagan. Oh snap… as if twins weren’t cute enough. I couldn’t be happier for Heather and Matt. I think its beyonnddddd amazing when a couple tries to have a babe for a long long time and then gets two. I’d only wish that for the best people that deserve it the most. These two have it all in spades. Madison and Reagan are twins… no they dont reallllly look alike, but they look just like their parents so thats fine. They’re 6 months old, they sit up real nice (most of the time), they smile, they take it all in, and they love their doggy. The other small one is their cousin, Hannah. You might recognize her because she’s a borderline celebrity on the Cyndi Lu blog. I can’t wait to watch these ones grow. The whole fam damily.  Thank you so much. love you all.

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Nolan. 2 years handsome.

I have an almost uncomfortable crush on Nolan. He’s two. Can I say that and still be a child photographer?? It’s the internet… no gettin’ that one back. Nolan is quite possibly the cutest 2 year old boy on planet giggle. I laughed out loud editing his pictures and I could literally eat his little face. The last time I photographed him it took a few hours for him to warm up to me, and by that I mean he didn’t warm up to me at all. Thissssss time, we were full on dating by the end of it and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I obviously love this kid for more reasons than he’ll ever know. His mama is one of my college roommates and a forever bestie. I actually can’t believe that at one point we were putting flavored vodka in our boxed wine and now she’s an incredibly attentive, smart, cool, gorgeous mama… and I’m sitting here typing this finishing up a cocktail. Some people might take a hint. I’m opening a bottle of wine.

This is one of my favorite shoots of all time. For obvious reasons, but also because it’s just them. No bells or whistles or pinterest.. well maybe a little pinterest 😉 … no backdrops or fake smiles or over posed bull shit. This is the Kozikowski family… on a Saturday morning. Danielle is gorgeous and perfect and skinny, Lee is fit and nice and a really good cook. They’re perfect parents in a perfect home with a perfect small man. Nolan runs around, falls off his slide, laughs, torments his cats, cries, gets changed in the kitchen, throws his toys, kisses his mama, sits on the potty then pees on his books, and flirts with me. He’s two, it’s every day life, and I love it. I hope you guys love these forever and in 20 years you look back and remember how fun this crazy journey was. I hope you smile and laugh and cry (obv). Your life is amazing. I’m so so so beyond happy for you guys and so proud to document it. xoxooxoxoxooxoxoox.

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The cousin cousin cousin.

My weird ass incestual family has a set of cousin cousins. No, not second cousins, or cousins twice, or cousins once removed… my dad’s sister married my mom’s brother. I have a set of cousin cousins. get over it. We both have Lucas relatives and we both have Hurley relatives and we spent every holiday together no matter what. I love this family like we grew up under the same roof. Cousin Steph and her hubby, Pat, just had a babe. His name is Luke. He’s the newest cousin cubed. you with me?

Luke comes from a long line of football and basketball so he decided he would grow to be 4 feet tall in the womb. He’s three weeks old now, and he’s having a hard time fitting in baskets, but looks insanely adorable none the less. He’s perfect in every way and one real real lucky guy to be born into the love fest of Steph and Pat. Can’t wait to see you grow, small man. love you all to the moon and back. thank you. love you.

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Teddy and Blakely are small.

TWINS!!! A referral to a referral to a referral landed me in Bedford, NH last week on the prettiest day of the year to photograph little Teddy and Blakely. They are three weeks new and absolutely perfect. Liz is kinda sorta super mom. She is cool, calm, and collected about the fact that she just had not one, but two 7.5lb babies. It was the first infant shoot that my babies slept the entireeeee time which made my love for them grow just a lil bit more. Liz (and Claire) thank you so much. Love you guys to the moon and back. xoox

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Hannah Fohlbrook is here.

I should be slightly used to the fact that my friends are having children. I guess this is something that maybe I should be ready for. But Sarah and Rich live in Westfield. I drove through my college town and almost stopped at Tommy D’s for a beer but Sarah and small Hannah were waiting for me. Sarah and Rich are on the fast track to growin’ up. Marriage, house, jobs, baby, and tons and tons of love. Somethin’ to be a lil envious of. Sarah and Rich are already amazing parents, and Hannah is just perfect. Love you guys.

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