McGoverns. Growing.

Unfortunately for me, the McGovern fam isn’t growing in numbers because I could live in a world full of their children. Small Tyler and Ella are, however, growing in size which calls for more picturesssss!! This is the third time Ive been to the gorgeous McGovern homestead and the third time that I have smiled for a week post shoot. Ella is nearly three, going on 12, adorable, funny, not at all shy, and calls me ‘Cyndi say cheese’. what? TJ just turned one. He is currently sporting some adorrrrable curls, and despite my requests he is starting to grow into his cheeks. When he starts walking which will probably be next week, I’m signing him up for football. Sorry Jen 😉 Ben and Jen are as good looking as ever, and in like 26 years when I become a parent I’m ask them for lessons on how to make it look easy. Perfect day. Perfect family. love. Thank you so so much.

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The Colby fam.

Well isn’t Bedford, NH just adorable these days. It’s hard to believe it could be cuter after small Sophia was born, but three weeks ago it hit an all time high when baby Ryan came through. Lauren and David are good friends of one of my other favorite NH families so the love was there long before I actually met them. I’m not so sure how Lauren and David have managed to make this look easy with an almost two year old little girl and a two week old small man, but they are two incredibly laid back, funny, warm, and gentle parents. Sophia is adorable, personable, talkative, smart, and funny, and her eyes are real. Not big blue crystal clear marbles… just perfect 2 year old eye balls. I want to live in a whole world filled with Sophia’s eyes. And then theres Ryan. He’s two weeks old, awake, happy, and hungry. What more could you want?! I could go on all day… but im sick of hearing myself talk. thank you!! love!

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Baby Joey. 12 days new.

I hung out with a baby Joey last week. Not the furry kind, but ask me if I wanted to stick her in a pouch and carry her home. I did. She’s very small, has a lot of blonde hair, big blue eyes, a perfect lil’ face, baggy skinny jeans, and Newmans big toes… except cute. Lucky little Joey has two of the best parents a small one could ask for. I’ve had quite the couple crush on Jaime and Newman since I met them a few years ago, and now it’s almost creepy. Their love for this 7lb morsel is almost palpable. They’re caring, attentive, sweet, trustworthy, funny, and they’re ridiculously good looking which makes them look even more like model parents ;).  But really, you’d think they have done this before with how easy they make it look. Team diaper changes, bottles, sleep schedules, and cuddles. I think they should write a book. In fact, I should stop writing a book. Newman, Jaime, Joey… thank you so much. Love you all to pieces. xoox

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Alexa. 4 months.

Oh look… Alexa’s even cuter. Tell me I’m biased. I couldn’t care less. Alexa is a small, but not that small, little, bald, blue eyed, female Jonathan. It’s actually strange. She’s a lil more than 4 months now which means she giggles and tells stories in full baby lingo and sits up for 2 seconds before face planting and laughing some more. Try to tell me that’s not the most fun you’ve had on a Friday night. you’re lying.

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Nicholas and Stella. 2 weeks new.

Ive been thinking real hard for the last 2 hours, and by that I mean 5 minutes, about how much I love twins. I truly cannot think of a pair that I didn’t like. If I’m forgetting about that pair of ass holes from high school or something, please don’t remind me.. I’m way more content thinking twins are the greatest thing ever. and they are. right along side seat warmers, pepperoni pizza, gel nail polish, q-tips, and rainbows.

The newest set of twins on planet Cyndonia live up in New Hampshire and go by the names of Nicholas William, and Stella Ruby. I die of cute. They belong to Bill and Andrea who happen to be two of the sweetest new parents on planet Earth. I met the two of them for the first time last week and now feel like we’ve been friends for years. Granted Ive been staring at their mini children for a week, but Ive already told Andrea she’s stuck with me. Andrea and Bill are incredibly warm, kind, generous, gorgeous, trusting people. I always feel incredibly fortunate to be invited into a pseudo-strangers house to photograph them at a time that will surely be one of the most memorable times of their life. I feel incredibly fortunate that Bill and Andrea have trusted me with that honor. In case you are wondering, and you are, Nicholas and Stella are insanely adorable. It helps that they are slightly smaller than normal, but also because they are kinda perfect. Nicholas is 6lbs, Stella is 4lbs. I know, right.. your older sister had a 10lb kid, Andrea did too, except she has two. Two small faces, two miniature beating hearts, 20 tiny morsels called toes, 4 big beautiful eyes and mini lil ears, and two healthy perfect babies. The Depippo family just doubled in size. take a looksie.

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