little Hannah Brown.

How do I even begin. Ill start with Hannah Brown is cute. real real cute. You might remember Matt and Jess from their maternity session right here. You also might remember that Matt is kinda sorta an older brother to me, and Jesslyn is my SIL’s best friend. Sooo, by some stretch of the genetic gene pool, that makes me an aunt to mini Hannah Kennedy Brown. Family doesn’t always mean blood, k, kids? It’s no big surprise that Matt and Jess already have this parenting thing down. They’re successful, smart, sweet, amazing people… what else would you want in a parent? Hannah Brown… you’re one lucky little lady. One could only dream of the amount of love, support, happiness, and beauty that will surround you day in and day out. I can’t wait to watch you grow… and be taller than your mom in like 3 weeks. that’s a given. love. happy. mini.

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Elyse and Chris. Middle school sweethearts.

Elyse and Chris met when they were like 3. I actually have no idea when it all started, but I do know they are 27ish years old and have been together for a century. got it? Wouldn’t it be super awks to have a picture of you and your homecoming date in high school and your husband in side by side frames on your dresser? Ya… not for Elyse because it is the same person. Sick, right? The worst part about it (and by worst I totally mean best) is that these two are insanely, adorably, crazy in love. It’s not one of those “well, we’ve been together this long, we should just get married” kinda things… it one of those “you are my best friend, my soul mate, the other half to my existence, my confidant, my support, my guidance, and my whole entire world” kinda things. These two are a couple idol. They make each other laugh (a lot), they are crazy good looking, they fight, they make up, they cuddle, they giggle, and they are so so so happy in love. Truly such an amazing and inspiring pair to be around.

Elyse confessed to me not so long ago that she wasn’t super crazy in love with her wedding pictures. that one statement is almost as devastating for me as it is for her. Are you getting married?? maybe you should check out Hitched Studios… I hear they don’t suck. So here’s their post wedding engagement pictures that they never knew they always wanted. elyse… miss you like crazy, girl. thank you.

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Boo and Jess. knocked up

Matt is essentially my second older brother, so the fact that I am referring to him now as Boo is slightly disturbing. cares. There are very few childhood memories that don’t include Matt as he was my brothers best friend. He attended borderline every vacation with us, he might have spent holidays with us, and then he married Jonathan’s wife’s best friend. Ya, two sets of best friends married each other… normal if you grew up in a incestual town like Groton or Dunstable. But, hey… at least we know everyone will get along, right? Any whoooo, Matt and Jess were married in 2010, then bought a house, and keeping with the fairy tale, they are expecting a lil girl in a couple months. This lil baby girl is going to be surrounded by so much love its almost weird. And I know this because Ill be right there with the best of them. I could not be happier for the two of you, and I am so honored and grateful to capture such an exciting time for you. Love you both for days and days. xoxoxooxoxoxxox.

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Marleen and her men.

Marleen is pretty much family. I mean as much of family as you can be without any real blood relation. we see them on holidays.. isnt that close enough to say we’re related and I can somehow have some of these good looking genes? Besides the fact that I dont have an ounce of Italian in me. but ya, we’re practically twins i think. Marleen and Nick have two small men, Nicholas, and Luca. Nicholas is 2, and Ive had a big time toddler crush on Nicholas since meeting him. I wanna live in a village of Nicholas, he’s so cute… and he loves blondes:)Luca is 9 weeks, but really only 4 because he decided to show up 5 weeks early. He obviously admires his older bro, because Nicholas was 5 weeks early as well. Lucky Marleen 😉 Luca is a mini clone of Nicholas so it looks like ive got another future boyfriend. Nicholas isn’t the bigggggest fan of Luca yet. I think he really likes him.. he just doesn’t wanna look like a softy in front of his girl friend.

Marleen and Nick live in this super small shack… it’s actually amazing that they survive in the place. The road they live on is Barbie lane. That’s not a joke. But really, their house is straight up porn on HGTV. it’s a dream. and on Sunday’s its full of Italians, and cooking, and laughs, and love. Im thinking of moving in. Love you guys, thank you!!!!!!

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the McGovern Legacy.

Ask me if I was mad when these guys asked me to come back to Middleton to take more family pics. obbvvvvviously. TJ and Ella are two of my favorite nuggets ever, combined with their cousin Jackson, and all the aunties and uncles?! kinda, fun. kinda. These thoughtful kids wanted to have all the grandchildren (i mean just three… but all the grandchildren) and all the kids photographed for mama dukes mcgovern for christmas. Its a surprise, so shhhhh. Such a good idea, if you ask me… no, really. email me. We met up just before thanksgiving, laughed for about an hour, and I brought my camera. Not a hard job. not even close. Jackson stayed awake and adorable the whole time which was pretty amazing since he drove all the way from texas to have his picture taken. Ella ran around and giggled… she’s two, surprising right? She calls me ‘Cyndi say cheese’. Be jealous. TJ sat as perfect and content as always…. and ate his shoe. God I love that kid. Hope you love them, mama dukes:)

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