Kathy and her boys.

Is it politically incorrect to admit that you’re in love with a 6 year old? maybe socially unacceptable?? right… well i would never say that anyway. just wondering. Kathy is my neighbor… i mean my parents neighbor.. cares. and her kids are, well, good looking. Luckily for her they are also well behaved, have great personalities, they’re athletic, and funny, and 30 seconds away from breaking hearts all around town. Hunter is 8, he’s the perfect big brother role model, polite, funny, good at sports, and inevitably an honor student. Caden is 6 and he’s the cutest 6 year old I’ve ever met. ever. Unfortunately for all the girls in his class, he kinda knows it. Lucky girls if you ask me. Kathy… put this kid into modeling, not for a long time, that can get weird, but for a little while at least. Parker is a year and a half and doesn’t really like cameras. Lucky for me, mine kinda comes with cookies and m+m’s so he didn’t hide those giggles all day. Kathy, thank you sooooo much. Ill be hitting you up for all sorts of references in the future 😉

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Stacey, Robee, and Jack.

Stacey is a cousin cousin. It’s one of those weird, not incestual, but totally creepy intertwined aunt/uncle/cousin things. Basically, a brother and a sister married a sister and a brother, all of the kids have two sets of the same grandparents, we all kindaaa look alike, and if we lived closer we’d probably act like siblings. Needless to say, I get along pretty damn well with Stacey. I went to her house this past weekend to take some pics of her and my cousin cousin cousins. Stacey is married to Rob. Rob is a pilot who spends an insane amount of time overseas at work. While he’s gone Stacey works like 8 different jobs and gets paid for none of them. She’s that kind of chick. The absolute hands down most important job for her is being the best mama to her two boys you could imagine. Robee is 7, Jack is 0. Robee is maybe the best big brother on the entire planet, and Jack is happy, easygoing, and hungry… always hungry. We’ve been saying since Robee was born that he was one of the most handsome lil guys ever, and Jack is following right in his footsteps.

At this time these pics are supposed to be a Christmas gift for Rob. Something tells me Stacey is going to cave and he’ll see them in two weeks when he comes home from Guam…. where ever the hell that is. We went to the lil airport near their house, ran around, played airplane, had a blast. After picture time Jack slept, Robee colored, and Stacey fed me. Wanna know the way to my heart? oysters, spaghetti, red wine, and chocolate chip banana bread. and/or food. ya, just food in general. and maybe red wine. Please fall in love with these kids, it will be easy, I promise. Thank you cousin, love you!

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