meet me.

My name is Cyndi, I’m a full time physical therapist, full time photographer, semi-pro chef, wanna be rock-star, retired athlete, and a little bit sarcastic… sometimes.
I’m a health nut with a sweet tooth.
I have a serious aversion to the number 4.
I’ve never had baby fever, but I’ve almost died of puppy fever.
I work out daily because I love to eat.
I love tattoos, and I don’t care if they have meaning.
I want everyone to know my name, but I am petrified of the spotlight.
I don’t believe in regret, because at one point, it’s exactly what you wanted.
I used to go to vineyards almost every weekend, and I have never been able to taste the berry undertones in my red wine.
I like to photograph children. I like to hang out with geriatrics.
My favorite food is cereal. any kind. any time of day.
I am emotionally incompetent and border line inappropriate 96% of the time.
I have dreams of becoming a professional break dancer. I have zero rhythm. zero.
I believe family is the truest bond you can have. And I believe that family doesn’t always mean sharing genes.
I hate change, but I cant wait to see what’s next.

Photography, to me, is capturing and celebrating life’s greatest moments. All too often we forget that every person is beautiful, every person is funny, and every person is loved. I want you to smile, I want you to laugh, and most of all I want you to remember.

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